How to choose the right gemstone

Here are some tips that might be useful when you decide to purchase a healing gemstone:

For what purpose do you want to use the gem? As an amulet, as a talisman, or simply as a gift?
Is it your goal to obtain more energy, or do you want to use the gemstone for healing or cleansing purposes?

Look at the color of the gem and its connection with zodiac signs, planets, elements and chakra’s. What do these connections tell you?

What kind (size) of gemstone are you looking for? A small pendant, a tumbled stone, or a raw crystal?

And last but not least: which amount of money do you want to spend on it?

When you have considered all these steps, put the gemstone of your choice apart and concentrate on its shape, color and appearance.

Then hold the gemstone in your hand and try to experience how it feels. A suitable gemstone often tends to feel warm and comfortable.

You can also use a pendulum to help you in choosing the right gemstone!

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